Aug 17, 2013

CANDIDA: when yeast controls your mind and body

Ignore the word "conspiracy." I'm certain they used it just to get your attention. Pretty certain. If, indeed, there is a conspiracy, it is yeast conspiring with all yeast to control and dominate living hosts. You. And ignore the fact that there is a product involved. This is education so much more than it is a sales pitch.

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  1. Blogger is not letting me edit this and I can't get the URL to post as a link. Copy and paste it.

    Food and drink addictions? Is it y o u.... or is it too much yeast in your body?

    Yeast is in everyone, but when it becomes too much for the immune system to handle, it grows and consumes... and consumes and consumes, making you feed it, taking away your free will.

    I hope everyone will watch this presentation.